Tencent Cloud Code Analysis

Tencent Cloud Code Analysis


Quick start Guide

Stable and reliable architecture

Support distributed architecture and cloud native architecture; flexible scaling; run faster with more stability.

Multi-tool support

Integrated many self-developed and well-known open-source tools; adopted a layered separation architecture, can meet the needs of the team's rapid self-service management tools.

Multi-language support

Support Java/C++/Objective-C/C#/JavaScript/Python/Go/PHP and other 29 languages, cover frequently-used programming languages.

Incremental/Full analysis scan

Incremental analysis can quickly locate defects, while a full analysis ensure total coverage of your code.

Customize rules

Customize your rules, gradually optimize your code.

Full range quality report

Report with graphics, easy to monitor quality trend.

Standardized API

Standardized API make a fast docking to DevOps tools.

Distributed client

Distributed clients on Linux, Mac and Windows, meet local high-frequency analysis scenario.