Tencent Kona

Tencent Kona

Tencent Kona is a no-cost, production-ready distribution of the Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK), Long-Term Support (LTS) with quarterly updates.

Kona serves as the default JDK at Tencent internally, optimized for extreme-scale of Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing workload. It is also used to build and maintain a Tencent supported version of OpenJDK for Tencent customers and partners who wish to use OpenJDK to run their applications.

Supported JDK Releases

Tencent Kona currently supports the JDK Long-Term Support (LTS) releases 8, 11 and 17. For more details, please go through the individual repository for each of these releases:

Supported System Platforms

Tencent Kona currently supports Linux/x86_64, Linux/aarch64, Windows/x86_64 and Mac/x86_64.


Tencent Kona is under the same licensing terms as the upstream OpenJDK project. It is clearly a “friendly fork”. Please find the license text for more details.